999 Sutter and a Sign of Relief

I’m moving my acupuncture schedule full time to the Healing Arts Building on Sutter and Hyde in San Francisco this September, which is a big milestone to celebrate. I love how calm this clinic is and patients often remark how relaxed they feel. I’m glad to be spending more time with you in this beautiful healing space!

When I visited before deciding to rent here in Spring 2018, there were many things I loved about the whole building right away. It's beautiful with a lot of old-style character. The Sutter Healing Arts building is brick, which always feels warm to me, was built in the 1900s in Beaux Arts style, and originally housed a urology practice on the first floor with the doctor living upstairs. So there’s a lot of history here as a medical space, yet it’s also been a home from the beginning, making it the perfect place to create a clinic that’s not clinical.


I grew up in a 1920s cottage so the turn of the century architecture and period details here make me feel happy and at home. The ceilings also curve upward, like an embrace or that the sky is over you. I painted the room blue to enhance that feeling, like you're floating on a cloud.

The address here is 999 Sutter and in Japanese, the number nine is kyu (pronounced kYOO) which sounds like the word for relief, kyusai. This makes 9 a lucky number for health.

As it happens, I really lucked out on the 9s because the suite number is 306 (adds up to 9) and the zip code is 94109.

See? Memorable, and an indication of how you'll feel here!


Shawna Seth, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. is a California state licensed and nationally certified acupuncturist whose areas of specialty include promoting women’s health, especially surrounding menstrual health and fertility. She uses the gentlest effective methods possible to guide her patients to balance. Shawna sees patients in her private practice on Sutter St in San Francisco. Make your appointments online or email To learn more about Japanese medicine and the world of acupuncture, follow her blog A Cuppa Qi.