Initial Visit

90 minutes

The first 30 minutes are spent understanding your health history, assessing your present condition(s), and setting goals for your care. We may discuss nutrition, lifestyle, stress, exercise, sleep, and previous lab work. This is followed by treatment tailored to your needs and using appropriate modalities from Japanese and Chinese traditions. I generally do not prescribe herbs or supplements at the first visit.

Please wear comfortable clothing or bring shorts or loose pants to change into and eat a light snack before treatment. It is best not to be hungry or full. If you have recent lab work, X-rays, MRI reports, etc. please provide copies (electronic are best, but paper copies are fine too) so I can include them in your file.

Follow Up Visit

60 minutes

For any patient who has already had an initial visit. After catching up on changes to your health, habits, and goals, you will receive individualized treatment using appropriate modalities from Japanese and Chinese traditions. Depending on your needs, you may be prescribed herbs or supplements.

If you have recent lab work, X-rays, MRI reports, etc. please provide copies (electronic are best, but paper copies are fine too) so I can include them in your file.

Some of the tools we may use together:

Acupuncture: Gentle correction of the relationships of your physical and energetic body. Using the traditional functions of the points and channels plus modern understandings of physiology, acupuncture helps to regulate the nervous system so that the parasympathetic (rest, digest, heal) outweighs the sympathetic (fight, flight, freeze). Patients report feeling more at ease, rested, calm, and grounded after treatment. Many patients fall asleep on the table during in-office treatment and often sleep better at home as well.

Herbal Medicine: Personalized prescriptions for herbal formulas and supplements for symptomatic and root cause treatment. Taking a herbal formula regularly can decrease the frequency of recommended in-office visits.

Moxa/ Moxibustion: Depending on the causes and symptoms of your pattern, this herbal heat therapy can be very helpful to stimulate metabolic processes from ovulation to repair of chronic injuries as well as increase motivation, combat fatigue, and reawaken interest in activities. Patients have described it as feeling like painful or tight spots are melting or unwinding, that they can breathe deeper, and that they feel more awake. If applicable, I instruct my patients on how to do moxibustion safely at home as well as perform moxibustion in the clinic with you.

Cupping: Using suction cups, we gently coax old material out of the muscles and bring it up to the capillary level where it can be cleared away. Feels like a massage in reverse. Extremely helpful for many causes of tight muscles (especially in the back and shoulders) as well as for colds and congestion in the lungs.

Gua Sha: Using smooth tools, we stroke the channels until a flush appears. Assists the lymphatic and immune systems. Often used in combination with cupping or on its own for an early stage cold.

Acupressure: Earseeds and self-massage as coping mechanisms between treatments and as regular care for treatment and prevention of symptoms. These methods are often subtle enough to be performed in the workplace or social gatherings without attracting attention.

Qigong: Breathing exercises and gentle movements. Ranging from short and sweet visualizations and meditative practices to healing sounds and simple movements that target the organ systems and channels that are out of balance. Most of the movements can be done while seated or standing and we can adapt them for your body's range of motion.

Essential Oils: Recommendations for home care to combine with acupressure points. Especially helpful for travel and nighttime symptoms.