Need a Massage? Introducing Tyler

Update: July 2019 – Note that Tyler is now seeing patients on Tuesdays only in this space.

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I’m pleased to announce that Tyler Chamberlain, Certified Massage Therapist is now sharing our San Francisco clinic space at the Sutter Healing Arts Building. He’s seeing clients on Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays.

Tyler’s style is in harmony with my approach to gentle, personalized treatments. He offers time-based appointments that are then tailored to your needs on a given day using his massage skillsets including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ortho-bionomy, Energy, and Lymphatic/Detox. Having experienced his work myself, I highly recommend his thoughtful, effective, and deeply relaxing care.

His introduction to you in his own words:

I'm fascinated with us humans.

Tyler Chamberlain, CMT

Tyler Chamberlain, CMT

Our anatomy is physically structured to work as a cohesive, singular being. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments can be identified, felt, and touched. But it's the layers within, the unexpected (and often magical) connections between the obvious and the less understood, that really excite me: how gentle stretching can allow the opposing muscle to relax; how non-invasive Vagus nerve work can almost immediately relax the entire body; how unraveling the fascia (the stuff that holds it all in place, and is usually neglected in massage) is so critical to overall muscle health; how simply receiving touch can invigorate the soul.

I've heard my role as a massage therapist described as that of a chameleon, and that resonates. Occasionally, we need to get deep into the muscles. There may be painful trigger points to be released, or a specific injury requiring attention. Or you may be pregnant, have tech-neck, or may be holding stress in your shoulders or abdomen. You may have pain walking uphill (but not down), chronic headaches, or unidentified pain in your back. You likely have some combination of "all of the things", and my passion is to work together to tailor the bodywork specifically for your needs, on that day. Then, ideally, a plan to address your goals over time.

Perhaps most importantly, I firmly believe in the power of human touch. It's OK to want that, to simply receive pleasure, to have a safe place where you can just feel good. To have an energetically clean and soft space to relax. It's fascinating how often I observe clients who simply want to receive a relaxing, pleasurable massage, and are almost embarrassed to say it, as if it's not a good enough reason. IT IS!

It's surprising to me how many massage therapists don't put any thought into the music. It's such a critical part, since we're really working with all the senses. From chamber music if you want to be soothed, to nature sounds if you want to zone out, to underground techno if you want to be energized, we'll find the right fit. 

I'm so thrilled to be sharing a space with Shawna, with whom I immediately felt an energetic & professional connection - it feels like we share a similar mindset within the space, with similar goals (and very complementary styles). There's really such great energy already in the space, and I hope to share in that energy with all of you.

Booking Details

Book with Tyler online on his website:

Rates (subject to change):

  • 60 min: $100

  • 90 min: $140

  • 120 min: $170

  • Intro offer: I so strongly believe a 90-minute massage is that much better than a 60, that I'd like to offer your first massage at $100 for 90-minutes.

Availability: Saturday, Sunday, & Tuesday from 10am-10pm


Shawna Seth, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. is a California state licensed and nationally certified acupuncturist focused on promoting women’s health, especially surrounding menstrual health and fertility. She uses the gentlest effective methods possible to guide her patients to balance. Shawna sees patients in her private practice on Sutter Street in San Francisco. Make your appointments online or email To learn more about Japanese medicine and the world of acupuncture, follow her blog A Cuppa Qi.