What Patients Say

I went to get treatment from Shawna on a recent trip to the Bay Area. I have a chronic lower back problem, and Shawna did excellent work minimizing the pain. She was gentle, calm, and attentive. Her offices were clean, welcoming, and conveniently located. The price was very reasonable for the help I received. I would definitely go back the next time I'm in town. – Leila S.
I came to Integrative Wellness Center as a newbie to acupuncture, but instantly felt comfortable with the staff and environment. Since Shawna began treatment for my psoriasis, I've made tons of progress over the course of the past five months. Before her I had lost hope in containing the skin issue from spreading, now I've made almost a full recovery. She has made so much progress and continues to do so on a biweekly basis. – Milo N.
Everybody said I was the chillest bride and I said, "Thanks, it's the acupuncture!" – Melissa J.
The upper back treatment you did last Sunday continues to amaze me.  It’s like something shifted in my body in an incredibly positive way.  I feel stronger, more balanced & more fluid than I have in ages.  Big smile... – M.R., wellness
just wanted to let you know that I've still been sleeping well - and not waking up! - AND I've noticed that emotionally I am feeling a lot better about all the unknowns in my life. I've switched from feeling out of control to feeling like we are on the verge of some very exciting possibilities! So thank you so much. My spleen must be happy? :) – C.M., fertility
Highly recommend. Shawna is very welcoming and an excellent listener. She was very responsive and always made me feel very comfortable. I felt positive effects after only a few visits. – Meredith W.
I began seeing Shawna in the fall after I had been under a great deal of stress, hurt my back, and had some other health issues come up all at once.  I had never considered acupuncture, have always been a bit of a skeptic with just about everything; until a friend recommended Integrative Wellness.  I decided to go in after I saw a doctor in urgent care who compartmentalized everything.  From the beginning Shawna has approached everything from a more holistic perspective.  My back has been better and all of my other health conditions have essentially been under control.  Perhaps the most notable is that I have been noticeably less stressed, by others' observation as well, not just mine.  Shawna has a wonderful demeanor which is validating, empathic, and well thought out.  As someone who has solely relied on Western medicine and methods, Shawna has helped me to see where the two really meet and it seems to be making a huge difference! – Tyler B.
I saw Shawna for a treatment last week and it was amazing. She has such a light and gentle touch, I barely felt the needles go in. Shawna would be a great person to see if you want to try acupuncture but you are sensitive to (or afraid of!) needles. I went in with a sore throat and general fatigue. First she worked on my front and did hara palpation which felt like a wonderful belly massage. I could feel the tender areas relax as she went along. My sore throat disappeared while I was on the table and never came back. Then she had me turn over and worked on my back, and I was transported to another place. I went into such a deep relaxation, my only complaint is that it had to end. I was a little groggy when I first got up, but afterwards I felt great. I was re-energized and restored. I can't wait to go back for more! – Rachel A.
I had been suffering from lower back pain for a few months and while the Physical Therapy exercises helped a bit, the pain was still pretty bad. I went to see Shawna on a friend's recommendation and she was able to reduce the pain dramatically in just two sessions. First of all, Shawna is an amazing listener. It is clear that she genuinely cares about her patient's concerns. She is gentle but quite searching in her questions about one's lifestyle. She then applies a custom and unhurried approach to her therapy. You leave her sessions calm, rested and feeling so much better. You will want to come back for more. She is a true healer. I highly recommend her. – Rahoul S.
I saw Shawna for acupuncture treatment while she was still a student at AIMC. First when she was being shadowed by a licensed teacher and later as she began treating patients on her own.
The 5 or 6 sessions I had were a great experience overall, which is even more impressive considering she was a student at the time. She's professional and effective, employing different techniques depending on my type of pain. Equally as important, though, she's a caring and thoughtful practitioner who listened to my needs as a patient. If I need more treatments, I'll definitely go back to her again. – Alison L.

I went to see Shawna following an impact injury to the top of my left foot at my local gym which was in significant pain. I found her to be sensitive and caring in her medical approach. Her needling technique was imperceptible in most cases, and very comfortable overall. I was also happy to get an appointment shortly after contacting her.

I found my experience with Shawna to be professional, calm, and effective. My discomfort was reduced noticeably the first evening, and 99% of the pain was gone in two days. The clinic location was clean and convenient with parking, and an easy stop to or from work close to major transportation.

I would recommend Shawna to anyone considering acupuncture and/or moxa for treatment of their health issues. – Luke C.

I highly recommend Shawna. She is genuine, warm, caring, knowledgeable, and professional. I saw Shawna regularly for eight months while was working on my doctorate and was in the process of writing my dissertation. My sessions with Shawna were therapeutic. She took the time to listen and get to know me to provide a personalized acupuncture treatment. I believe that the combination of talking with Shawna before each treatment and the treatment itself helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. Shawna has a natural ability to be able to listen and offer invaluable guidance without judgment or overstepping. Shawna is in tune and sensitive to the needs of patients. Working with Shawna was empowering and taught me how to take an active role in addressing and healing my anxiety outside of the acupuncture treatments. I am forever grateful for her help through that difficult time. – Lisette O.
I first went to see Shawna when I injured my neck. Driving to the appointment was difficult due to the neck pain and limited movement but Shawna managed to erase that pain completely so that I was able to drive home safely.
I also have ongoing problems with degenerative conditions in my thumb joints and balls of my feet and have been taking medication to ease the pain.  Shawna was not only able to diagnose my conditions, giving them actual 'names', which I appreciated, but she also offered several options of treatment for lessening that pain so that I could carry on with my daily tasks and routines.  In addition, she made the insurance claim process painless. 
Shawna had a calm and reassuring manner and her needling technique was incredibly gentle.  This gave me great confidence that I could continue treatment without any discomfort.  The facilities were pleasant and calming.   Shawna offers treatment in two locations as well as weekend hours which makes getting treatment very convenient.  The fact that the San Francisco location has onsite parking as well as street parking is an added plus.
I would highly recommend Shawna whether for a traumatic one-time injury or health maintenance. – Tara S.

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