New Patients

Welcome! I love meeting new people and am looking forward to helping you meet your health goals. If it's your first time seeking acupuncture, I will be both gentle and completely open to all your questions. I love introducing people to this amazing medical system!


Please complete these forms at home and bring them with you to your appointment. If you send your completed forms back to me via email at least one business day before your appointment, I can prepare questions and a treatment plan in advance, allowing us to achieve more depth in your first visit.

If it is not possible for you to complete the forms in advance, let me know so I can have copies waiting for you and please arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete the paperwork.

If you are scheduling your first appointment in Oakland, you will receive an email with a specific packet of forms to complete instead.

What to Expect

New Patient Appointments last 90 minutes, generally 30 minutes for discussion and 60 minutes for treatment.

Please wear comfortable clothing and eat a light snack before treatment. It is best not to be hungry or full. Some patients choose to bring shorts or loose pants to change into (skinny jeans are chic, but incompatible with treatment). Treatments are conducted with clothing on, but acupuncturists do not needle through clothing. So unless we need access to a specific area (upper arms, stomach, back and shoulders, hips), if your clothing is easily adjustable you should not need to disrobe. As with a massage, we often use sheets, towels, and/or blankets for privacy and warmth.

If you have recent lab work, X-rays, etc please bring copies with you so I can include them in your file.

The emphasis of your first appointment is on understanding your health history, assessing your present condition(s), and setting goals for your care. We may discuss nutrition, lifestyle, stress, exercise, sleep, and lab work. I'll take your pulse and may look at your tongue or palpate your abdomen to help diagnose your pattern of imbalance and determine the best treatment. Our discussion and physical diagnosis is followed by a tailored treatment that includes acupuncture and contact needling (needles that do not penetrate the skin). In many cases, moxibustion is a helpful addition to treatment. In some cases, additional manual therapies such as massage, cupping, or guasha may be beneficial. There is plenty of time to discuss your questions and no modalities will be used without your understanding and permission. Depending on your needs and based on discussion together, you may be prescribed herbs or supplements, which are the only additional charge to your services.

At the end of your first visit, we will have created a plan to work together to reach your goals including how many sessions and how frequently to schedule them as well as the opportunities you have to provide new information and check in on progress.